Thursday, July 9, 2009

Firefox Startup Crash or Slow

Firefox Startup Crash or Slow

Does your firefox crash or is Firefox slow when you open Morzilla firefox? Here's a quick tip to help you speed that up.

Sometimes you can get a lot of unecessary DLL files working with Firefox and these will either crash firefox or else make it go slow. The screen might appear white at first and you might have to wait several seconds to use your browers; if you can use it at all!

1. First, open Firefox in Safemode. If you do that you will see if the firefox extensions are what's causing your problems. If it opens in safemode with extensions disabled, then you should go into regular Windows and disable all your extensions, and slowly re-add them, determining which one is causing your problem. It could just be that you have over 20 add-ons to Mozilla Firefox and it's bogging down the browswer

2. Create a new profile and use that. This might be the problem.

3. Close other programs when you're running Firefox. This is a Problem no matter how fast your system is.

4. Here's a link explaining how to make new shortcuts for certain programs to make them load faster. We haven't tried it but it might shave a second of Firefox slow opening speed!

5. Empty your cache, clear download files, etc: tools, options, privacy, clear private data on Firefox

Let's hope any one of these solutions work for you!


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  2. I have recently upgraded to Windows 7 and Firefox seems to hate when I have several tabs open at once. Sometimes I need to have them open for my work but Firefox does the 'Oops this is embarrassing....' error thing and shuts down all my Firefox. It has been happening several times a day. Is this a problem with Firefox/Windows 7 compatibility?

  3. How can this application be any better than IE or Chrome, I downloaded Moxilla , as IE was crashing out , and thought this will be better , infact it is as bad as IE and Chrome - I use Vista Business and have Sp2 , cleared cookies, history and loaded a patch each time i start Mox, - this APP Sucks - unless im crazee , where to next with a stable Browser..

  4. My firefox randomly closes and shows a crash report sometimes when I press enter after typing a new link or when I search. I have absolutely no idea what can cause the problem because it is inconsistent. I'm currently running windows 7 64bit.

  5. much knowledge I can from your article about the MOZILA FIREFOX, thanks a lot

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